Tuna Mix Dip with Wholemeal Crackers



1 Small tin Tuna fish in spring water
4 tbls Cheese + Prawn Cheese Spread
4 Slices Cucumber diced into tiny pieces
1 tbls Plain Cheese Spread
1 little Salt
Large pinch Rainbow Pepper
1 pinch diced small fresh parsley to Garnish
10 Wholewheat Crackers


  1. Drain off the spring water and add the Tuna fish to the bowl
  2. Next squeeze the cheese and prawn cheese spread on top
  3. Chop the cucumber slices and add them to the bowl and mix
  4. Next add the salt and Rainbow pepper to the mix and mix it all together then add the 1 tbls plain cheese spread mix all together then add to a serving plate in the middle add your choice of crackers all around add a little parsley and Serve also Enjoy.

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