How To Make Decorated Christmas Cookies



royal icing
edible green and red colour
sprinkles or other such small candy


  1. You will need Royal Icing in a consistency like honey. When you "cut" it with a knife, it should take about 10 seconds to become whole again.
  2. Put it in a piping bag with a small round tip and make the border in your round cookies
  3. Fill it up using the same tip (or a bigger one if you want). No need to be thourough, we will fix it in the next step
  4. Take a toothpick and move the icing around, so that it is filled everywhere. You can also move the whole cookie with your hand a bit if you feel comfortable. You end up with a nice base.
  5. While your icing is still fresh, take the bag with the green Royal Icing and create some dots. They need to be small and with a distance between them.
  6. With the toothpick start from one dot and move it across all dots, without stopping.
  7. Take some red sprinkles / edible confetti etc and place them around to create a wreath
  8. For the trees: do the same thing with the border and the filling. Then you can decorate them in so many ways!
  9. You can just use sprinkles, or any type of candy you have
  10. You can make decorations by creating lines and then going through them with a toothpick
  11. You can fill with green icing and then decorate on top of that with white.
  12. Instead of border and fill you can just make lines with green Royal icing and decorate
  13. ​So many options!

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