How to decorate your pies



Your favorite pie dough


1- Lightly flour your surface (or use a silicon mat like I have) and roll out your dough.

2- Cut 2.5cm strips. You can use a ruler to make sure your strips are even.
You can use a knife or the tool I have here (I don't know the name in english sorry!), to have them straight or with these slight zig-zags

3- Take each strip and place it on top of your pie. You can take the strip, roll it lightly and then unroll on top of the pie. Leave gaps between the strips.

4- Take the even-numbered strips and lift them like in the photo. Place a strip, perpendicular to the other strips, like in the photo. Bring down the strips you had lifted.

5- Do the same with the odd-numbered strips. Lift, put a strip perpendicular, bring down.

6- Continue in the same way until you have placed all your strips in both sides.

7- Cut the bottom dough about 1 cm bigger than the pan. Take that extra dough, along with the strips that are also bigger than the pan and fold them towards the center. Take a fork and press down.

8- Once finished with all this, brush your pie with egg wash or milk. If it's a sweet pie you can also sprinkle with some sugar / cinnamon.
9- Take the dough that is leftover and create leaves, flowers (use your cookie cutters), braids etc. Place them on top of your pie.
Bake and enjoy!

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