Salted eggs yolk with shrimp Hongkong Style Delicious



200 gr Tigers shrimp

120 gr all-purpose flour

1 egg

2 salted eggs yolk (I use ducks eggs)

5 pieces garlic shredded

20 gr ginger shredded

2 spring onion stalks

1/2 piece Chili chops finely


1- Peel's the shrimp leave it the tail, then wash clean well.

2- Maride the shrimp with pepper & egg mix well

3- Take the shrimp roll in the flour evenly

4- Heat up the oil until hot add in the shrimp deep fried until golden brown then take out

5- Stir fried the ginger until fragrant add in the garlic stir fried until fragrant, add in the salted eggs yolk still fried until come the buble add in the chili, shrimp & spring onion stir fried for 30second take out put on the plate ready to serve

1/4 sdt pepper

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