Indonesian Beef Rendang


1 kg Chuck Steak cut into 4cm cubes
1 Indonesian bay leaves (salam leaves)
3 kaffir lime leaves, deveined
4 lemongrass, bruised and tied up
300 ml canned coconut cream + 600 ml canned coconut milk
1 turmeric leaves, tided up
2 cups water, in case you need to add later
4 tbsp vegetable oil

Indonesian rendang spice paste:
20 red shallots
12 cloves garlic
250 g fresh red chillies
3 tbsp Rendang powder or garam masala spice mixture
4 cm ginger
3 cm galangal
4 cm turmeric
4 candlenuts
2 tbsp tamarind paste
10 cloves
4 green cardamon
to taste Salt


1- Blend together all the indonesian rendang spice into paste.

2- Heat up the oil, sauté the spice paste with a low heat until the spice is throughly cooked. Visual aspect is the key. The oil is slowly separated and formed in the edge.

3- Pour about 300 ml coconut cream, add lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, salam leaves and turmeric leaves, let it boil and slightly evaporated.

Continue stirring the mixture until the oil separated or driven off from the mixture.

4- Add cubes of beef. Stir another 15 minutes until the meat is throughly cooked.

5- Pour remaining coconut milk and water to boil.

6- Simmer and continue to stir it gently until the broth is thicken.

You may see the oil is driven out from the sauce after cooked for 2 hours, it called “kalio”.

7- Continue stirring and cook the kalio until you’ve got rendang with nice dark brown.

8- Discard the lemongrass, salam leaves and kaffir lime leaves.

9- Serve the beef rendang with steamed Jasmine rice.

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