Classic Victoria Sponge



4 Eggs
8 oz SR Flour sifted with a scant teaspoon of Baking powder
8 oz soft Butter
8 oz Caster sugar
4 Medium Eggs, beaten in a jug
Vanilla Extract, mix into the eggs
1 dash Milk may be needed
Icing sugar


1- Pre-heat oven to 175 C

2- Line the base of non-stick 8 inch tins with a circle of baking parchment

3- Mixing Method One:

4- Cream butter and sugar together until very pale and light. A stand mixer or electric hand-whisk makes this easier. Otherwise it’s a wooden spoon and lots of elbow grease!

5- Very gradually, add the beaten egg ensuring each addition is well incorporated before adding more.

6- Lightly and gradually fold in the sifted flour, with a large metal spoon or if using a stand mixer, on low to incorporate, then a quick blast for 5 seconds.

7- The mixture should drop easily from a spoon, if not add a dash of milk until it does.

8- Mixing Method 2:

9- Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl or stand mixer and beat together well, until thoroughly mixed. Add milk as needed, as above.

10- However you mix the ingredients, divide the mixture evenly between the lined tins. I weigh mine to ensure they are equal.

11- Level the mixture flat with a spoon ensuring a good seal around the top edges of the cake mixture and the tin. Keep the mixture flat.

12- Bake for 23 mins below the midline of the oven. Check the cakes are cooked by inserting a skewer into the centre of the cakes, it should come out clean. If not cook for 2 more mins or until done.

13- Cool in the tins for 30 mins.

14- Slide a palette knife around the edge of the cakes to release and tip out the cakes onto a cooling rack.

15- Once cooled sandwich with your favourite jam. I love blackcurrant. Strawberry and Raspberry are popular.

16- Dust with icing sugar.

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