Countryside pan fried wings



750 g white flour

25-30 chicken wings

Tablespoon place pepper

Tablespoon salt

Tablespoon oregano powder

Tablespoon paprika

Teaspoon garlic powder

Tablespoon parsley powder

1 l sunflower oil


1- Mix the salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, parsley and garlic together 2- Use the mix to coat the chicken wings and let it soak the flavours overnight. 3- Add the flour to a bowl and coat the wings uniformly to make the frying coat 4- Use a deep pan to heat the sunflower oil to a high temperature and add the wings. 5- Let it fry until it gets a golden color, aprox 10-15 min depending on the heat of the oil and size of the wings 6- Use some kitchen paper to soak the excess of oil 7- Serve and enjoy!

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